To join Wayne OHC, you must submit a current OHC membership form.

Your membership includes a subscription to Horsemen’s Corral (a monthly printed publication). Horsemen’s Corral features a section on the activities of all OHC chapters, as well as state news and a variety of horse information. You will also be eligible for some corporate discounts negotiated by OHC.

Each member must specify a primary county but may join additional chapters as a secondary member. Membership rights vary by chapter. If you are a primary member in another chapter during the current year, use a Secondary membership form to join Wayne OHC.

Wayne County Primary Membership Form
Wayne County Secondary Membership Form

Please visit for more information.


Since 2006, OHC members can purchase a $1 million Personal Equine Liability Policy through OHC. The policy costs an additional $20 per individual, or $40 per family, annually (January through December regardless of start date). Insurance can be purchased by completing the appropriate section on a primary application. Please note that this is only personal liability coverage and any equine business coverage is excluded; however, the company does offer commercial policies.

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